Summary of regulatory changes and/or additions for 2020/21

Section  no



Degrees covered by these regulations

The Master of Science by Research (MScR) has been extended so that it is permitted as an award in all faculties.


Master of Music

The maximum period of study for a part-time Master of Music (MMus) has been updated to five years.

4.6.1 & 5.1.2

Review of student’s progress and appointing examiners

The review of a student’s progress four months before the agreed intended submission date has been raised to regulation and formally linked to the process for appointing examiners (also see change to 9.3.2 below), and includes agreement between the student and the candidate on the intended submission date.

4.6.1 & 5.1.2

Expectation on supervisory support when a student is undertaking corrections

Regulation has been extended to specify the minimum expectation on supervisors in supporting students in making any corrections required by examiners and the responsibility on the student to engage with their supervisors in these circumstances.


Approval of suspensions and extension

Revised regulation gives the Faculty PGR Director authority to approve requests for suspensions and extensions that exceed 12 months. The Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor (PGR) retains general oversight and a role in complex cases. In addition, inclusion of new details on emergency short extensions near the point of submission.


Method of submission

Revised regulation emphasises the significance of softbound copies for examination in the submission process.


Deferred access to the dissertation

Addition to regulation to clarify that deferral of public access relates to the content of the dissertation and not to the metadata (name, title and abstract).


Selection of examiners

Revised regulation requires that the main supervisor must propose examiners no later than three months before the agreed intended submission date (also see related change to 4.6.1 & 5.1.2 above). The section has also been reworked to provide more clarity on the approval route for examiner appointments and to clarify the position of honorary and visiting staff in this area.


Experience of examiners and the appointment of an Independent Chair

Regulation has been extended to provide a definition of an experienced examiner and when an Independent Chair must be appointed where there are inexperienced internal or external examiners. The level of experience required for an Independent Chair has also been included.


Guidance for resubmissions

Revised regulation clarifies that the guidance to the student from examiners who have recommended a resubmission must be attached to the examiners’ joint final report.


Submission of the final dissertation or published work

Revised regulation acknowledges that the submission of the final dissertation or published work must be within 28 calendar days of the award or, where there are outstanding minor errors, 28 calendar days after the satisfactory completion of those corrections.

Annex 3

Procedure for addressing unsatisfactory academic progress

Changed terminology replaces ‘at risk’ with ‘continued concern’ to remove the potential confusion between the procedure and the use of ‘at risk’ in other contexts, such as in mental health considerations.

Annex 5

Guidance on the integration of publications as chapters within the dissertation

Inclusion of a clarification that appropriately acknowledged and referenced integrated publications will pass the academic integrity and plagiarism check.

Annex 10

Guidance from examiners on corrections and resubmissions

Inclusion of enhanced information on the how examiners should set out their guidance on corrections and resubmissions.

Annex 11

Policy for research degrees by distance learning

Removal of the requirement for applications made under this policy to be reported to Education Committee, as the policy’s pilot period has ended.

Annex 17


Covid-19 statements and PGR dissertations

New, temporary annex to the PGR Code that permits the inclusion of a Covid-19 statement in PGR dissertations submitted in the period 1 September 2020 and 31 July 2021. The University may decide to extend this period.

Annex 18

Policy on PGRs who teach

Incorporation of the revised Policy on PGRs who teach as an annex.