Student Voice Steering Group

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The Student Voice Steering Group reports to Student Experience Committee which in turn reports to Education Committee.

Terms of Reference

Advisory (to Student Experience Committee):

  1. To monitor the system of academic student representation within schools and faculties.
  2. To make recommendations on student representation policy and practice.
  3. To agree appropriate development work to enhance student representation.

Decision making (on behalf of Student Experience Committee):

  1. To agree the implementation of student representation elections.
  2. To agree the training for student representatives.
  3. To review feedback from staff and students involved in the representative system.
  4. To report at least annually on the student representative system.


The membership of the Group in 2017-18 is as follows:


The Chair and at least one member of Bristol Students' Union staff and one Education Officer.

Mode of Operation

The Group will meet four times in 2017/18.

It will report twice a year to Student Experience Committee.