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Development and impact of Bristol breastfeeding and tongue-tie assessment tools

12 June 2019

A poster describing the development and impact of the tools won best poster prize at the recent Nutrition and Nurture in Infancy and Childhood conference held in Cumbria in June 2019.

Dr Jenny Ingram, Marion Copeland, Debbie Johnson and Prof. Alan Emond

To improve the assessment of breastfeeding difficulties associated with tongue-tie, we developed and evaluated 3 tools for clinicians to use: The Bristol Breastfeeding Assessment Tool (BBAT), Bristol Tongue Assessment Tool (BTAT) and TABBY (tongue-tie and breastfed babies) tool.

These structured assessment tools to evaluate breastfeeding and the severity of the tongue-tie are widely used throughout the UK and the world. This objective assessment is combined with clinical judgement and a discussion with the mother about the comfort and perceived efficacy of breastfeeding to inform selection of infants for frenotomy. The picture tool can be used by staff following a short training and facilitates translation into other languages.

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