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Click to learn about i3 ese projectsTwi-aysi is part of the European Community i3 programme of technology research. A future probe funded by The European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces.

i3 is the European long-term research initiative to develop intelligent information interfaces. The second programme, entitled Experimental School Environments (ESE), explored new child-centred paradigms for learning, through novel IT-based devices, artefacts and environments. The CARESS Project which preceeded Twi-aysi was part of that programme.

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A project conceptualised in the summer of 2000 at a meeting in Bristol University by members of the core research team from the earlier European funded FET project CARESS (namely from Bristol University: Nishan Canagarajah & Ron Laborde, and from Landskona, Sweden Stefan Hasselblad) in collaboration with Tony Brooks founder/leader of his own self funded research titled Soundscapes which is also a non profit organisation based in Denmark that has been pioneering the utilisation of technology in an intermate interaction with special needs and possible quality of life aspects of ADL . This meeting in 2000 led to the European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces funding a 'future probe' in 2001 (and subsequently the CAREHERE project).

CARESS successfully motivated and empowered children to develop creativity, imagination and expression, through interactive acoustic environments. The objective of Twi-aysi was to answer the question: Can immersion in a visual environment hold similar potential for such children in terms of the aesthetic resonance they might derive from movement within such a visual space?

We have ourselves been surprised how readily aesthetic resonance could be observed in our children moving within quite crude (and silent) visual spaces.The video link is from a session in Denmark carried out by Brooks & Hasselblad at the Center for Advanced Visualisation and Interactivity.

An Executive Summary of our findings has been submitted to the EC and a full final report is being prepared.

The work has contributed to the funding of a new project Care Here. Contacts and core research team here.

5th December 2001