Welcome to the 2017-2018 season, an exciting season at Mythago!

Latest News: If you are studying at Bristol, come along to the Downs on Weds or Sun at 2pm - all levels welcome!    |    BUCS League fixtures announced    |    The new committee prepare for a new term, with great plans ahead
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The University of Bristol Ultimate Frisbee Club (UBUFC) is proud to be one of the most competitive university clubs in the country. We have a long history of success at regional, national and international level. This success draws in some of the best players and at Bristol you can play with and learn from GB players past and present. UBUFC has men's, mixed and women’s teams, meaning anyone can get involved. We are also known as Mythago which ties in with our iconic minotaur.

Here you can find info about the game, results, the committee behind the club and check the photos from past tournaments, trainings and socials.

You can also keep track of where, when and what up and coming tournaments we will be playing or even reminisce with the Mythago/Shimmy archives.

If you've never heard of Ultimate Frisbee, you're not alone! It is a simple, sociable and fun game, but with a strong competitive edge. With a welcoming ethos and a big emphasis on participation, two teams, two end zones and a Frisbee are basically all you need.


Latest News


Outdoor Trainings are held on the Downs, next to the water tower (map).
Trainings are every Wednesday and Sunday, 2-4pm, and open to every student - even if you've never played before!

Tournaments and Matches


Regular socials will continue, please get in touch with the committee if you have any questions about the next one.


To purchse membership, please see our page on the union site: MYTHAGO AT BRISTOL SU

Mythago is grateful for the support from the Bristol Students Union, the Department for Sports, Exercise and Health and the Performance Sport Scheme at Bristol University.

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