Helicon Magazine is Bristol University's Forum for the creative artistic talents of its students, staff, or indeed, members of the Bristol public. It is published three times a year, and is a showcase for poetry, prose writing (fiction or non-fiction), photography and art. It costs £1 and is distributed widely throughout the University precincts and beyond.

Helicon was launched with the kind support of the Alumni Foundation, KPMG, the Falstaff Society and several individual donors.

What sets Helicon apart from previous poetry magazines is the equal footing given by the magazine's Editors to other diverse forms of creative expression such as prose, art and photography. Helicon's aim was and is not simply to be an in-house poetry magazine for the English Department, but to be first a University wide, and then city wide publication containing original work of a high quality.

The magazine has encouraged contributions from students across the board of the University’s diverse Departments, and is an entirely self-funded project.