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Welcome to the Fry Haldane web page.............The Fry Haldane society is a society with two main objectives....

  1. To arrange and supply entertainments to Freshers out of halls
  2. To run the amenities in the Students Union for all students out of halls.

WE KNOW that a lot of you may not have expected to have been placed out of halls in your first year at Bristol University. We also understand some of you may have chosen not to go into halls. We are here for both sets of people. You may be in a large Student house that is like a hall, you may be in a student house with eight other people, not all first years and all of the same sex as you. You may not be in University accommodation at all and have had to find private housing. Some of you may still be in B and B's.

WE KNOW you may not be receiving the same information as your peers in halls. We hope to rectify this problem as soon as possible. We will have a stall at the Freshers Fair held in the Student's Union to collect your names and addresses so we can supply you with information during your first year.

WE KNOW you won't have as much access to entertainments as those in halls. The Fry Haldane has an Entertainments Committee and we will be arranging ents for you until Christmas when a new committee will be elected. We have arranged activities and Entertainments for nights during Fresh Week. Come to as many or as few as you like.

Fresh Week

MONDAY:day: a full day for Freshers.

MONDAY:night: Pre Club night in the Epi, Vouchers for drinks will be available

TUESDAY: Karaoke night in the Mandela

WEDNESDAY: Ice Skating

THURSDAY: Pub Crawl...your introduction to the best pubs in Bristol!

Your Committee at the moment is: Jiyan (President), Jennie (Vice Pres.), Caroline (Publicity), Jenny (Ents), Rebecca(Tres.) me(Secretary), various student house reps, a Post Grad rep,

We have the ear of many of the sabbaticals this year including Rebecca Farmer, last years Fry Haldane Chair and this years Treasurer. Jennifer Fuller is this years new Fry Haldane Chair. She is Great!!!!

Last Updated: 21st September 1997

This page is made by me: HeatherSamuel, Secretary of the Fry Haldane Entertainments committee

Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society (this is the page I am using to get this on the web otherwise it would take forever to get it on the server and you will all be in your third year by then!!!)