Tuesdays and Sundays in the Union


That's All Folks!

Well.. our summer season is finally over. Exams have taken precedence, nobody's got time for a bit of old-fashioned cinematic entertainment. Which is a shame. 

WE WILL BE BACK in October, of course, with a brand-new selection of top quality films - don't forget to sign up at FRESH 2000, where the Fine Film society will be relaunched in style. 

From October, films will continue to be shown on Tuesday and Sunday nights; Tuesdays offering a diverse selection of 'artier' films, whilst on Sunday a better-known film will be screened. 


Comments, questions, suggestions should be addressed to nr9661@bris.ac.uk
Don't expect a response, though.

See you in October!

Last updated: Sunday 4th June 2000

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