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Publication highlights from 2015

5 January 2016

Use of the Wolfson Bioimaging Facility contributed to at least 53 publications in 2015, making this our most productive year to date.

Some important papers have already featured as news items:

Other selected highlights are illustrated below and a list of 20 recent papers is available on our Research page.

  Qiu, Hudson, Winnik, Manners (2015) Micelle assembly. Multidimensional hierarchical self-assembly of amphiphilic cylindrical block comicelles. Science 347: 1329-1332

Olmos, Hodgson, Mantell, Verkade, Carlton (2015) ESCRT-III controls nuclear envelope reformation Nature 522: 236-239


Nistor, May, Tamagnini, Randall, Caldwell (2015) Long-term culture of pluripotent stem-cell-derived human neurons on diamond - A substrate for neurodegeneration research and therapy. Biomaterials 61:139-149.


Avolio, Meloni, Spencer, Riu, Katare, Mangialardi, Oikawa, Rodriguez-Arabaolaza, Dang, Mitchell, Reni, Alvino, Rowlinson, Livi, Cesselli, Angelini, Emanueli, Beltrami, Madeddu. (2015) Combined intramyocardial delivery of human pericytes and cardiac stem cells additively improves the healing of mouse infarcted hearts through stimulation of vascular and muscular repair. Circulation Research 116: e81-e94


Gould, Qiu, Lunn, Rowden, Harniman, Hudson, Winnik, Miles, Manners (2015) Transformation and patterning of supermicelles using dynamic holographic assembly. Nature Communications 6:10009


Nunan, Campbell, Mori, Pitulescu, Jiang, Harding, Adams, Nobes, Martin (2015) Ephrin-Bs drive junctional downregulation and actin stress fiber disassembly to enable wound re-epithelialization. Cell Reports 13: 1380-1395.


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