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Programme finalised for the Second Drone Cinematography Workshop

2019 Drone Cinematography Workshop

5 November 2019

Hosted by BVI, this MultiDrone workshop that will bring together experts in drone cinematography from across Europe.

The 2019 Drone Cinematography Workshop will be held at Engineers House, Clifton, Bristol on 5 December 2019. Its aim is to bring together users, producers, and technologists to explore the future potential for this exciting and growing area. The workshop will cover the rules, requirements, tools and constraints of shooting with drones, as well as their creative potential. 

The Workshop is sponsored by the EU H2020 MULTIDRONE project which is developing an innovative, intelligent, multi-drone platform for media production to cover outdoor events, typically held over wide areas. The goal of MULTIDRONE is to deliver new media production techniques, and improved event coverage, adapting to event dynamics.

The full schedule is available here: MultiDrone cinematography workshop (PDF, 616kB) and the presentation abstracts are here: MultiDrone cinematography workshop_abstracts (PDF, 229kB).

Register now via Eventbrite.

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