Visual Information Laboratory

A comprehensive video and image processing facility exists at Bristol. The main studio hosts a high performance edit suite (Apple G5/Cinewave/Final Cut Pro), professional HD VTRs and cameras (Sony HDCam), a wide range of Sony, Panasonic and JVC standard definition equipment offering compatibility with most digital and analogue formats, studio quality HD and SD monitors, source switchers, frame grabbers and printers. The facility also contains a multi-HD camera capture facility with Dalsa cameras and Datacube hardware capable of capturing up to 24 HD streams in parallel. It also hosts various items of specialised equipment including surveillance (Panasonic) and infrared (Raytheon) cameras. A second studio comprises a range of equipment to support research into interactivity and immersion. This includes Eye-Link and Tobii eye trackers, a 2m immersive display and a Reachin haptic/3d display. The group's personnel are housed in attractive refurbished desk areas in the new Merchant Venturers building.

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The Video and Image Processing Facility

The shared lab facility for BVI has been progressing well over the summer. A 10-camera Qualisys motion capture system is in place with a virtual reality headmounted display and a system for stereo backprojection on order. Dr. David Redmill has joined the team from Electrical & Electronic Engineering to provide full-time technical support for the facility. BVI members are encouraged to involve the facility in their future grant proposals. If you would like to see the equipment or discuss ideas for its use, please contact c.ludwig@bristol.ac.uk, extension 17251.

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