What research is going on at Bristol?

The University of Bristol is an extremely research active university. In fact, Bristol is ranked in the top five UK institutions for research excellence. This means that we are surrounded by researchers who are working in a wide variety of different areas, and that a lot of our lecturer's are running research programs in their specialist subject areas.

In the Bristol veterinary school we have three different research groupings which include:

Across the universities there are many different research themes which involve hundreds of different researchers working in diverse areas.

Find out about research going on in Bristol

As part of the INSPIRE Scheme, we will be running several activities to make it easier to find out about exciting research that is going on in Bristol and in other universities:

INSPIRE Evening Showcase Events: (click here to find out more)

Research plenary talks

These are talks that will appear in the timetable for years 1 and 2; and are given by researchers here in Bristol. Please come along and listen to their latest research findings.

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