2 October 2015, 9.00 AM - 3 October 2015, 5.00 PM

Great Eastern Hall, SS Great Britain, Bristol, UK

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‘From Research to Practice’

A friendly but intellectually stimulating conference held jointly by:
European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine
Animal Welfare Science Ethics and Law Veterinary Society
European Society of Veterinary Clinical Ethology

We welcome you to Bristol to hear stimulating talks, exchange ideas and meet old and new friends, all on the site of the awe-inspiring historic ship, the SS Great Britain.

The ESVCE / ECAWBM / AWSELVA conference is a five day event made up of one and a half days dedicated to animal welfare, ethics and law, two days to behavioural medicine, half a day with sessions of interests to both groups, and a final day workshop designed for those studying in residency programmes. The conference is suitable for animal behaviour and welfare researchers, veterinary and non-veterinary behaviour clinicians, veterinary surgeons with an interest in animal behaviour and welfare, residents and veterinary and animal behaviour students.
The format includes invited speakers, sessions for submitted abstracts, workshops, poster sessions, and opportunities for debate and discussion. It aims to provide an open and friendly atmosphere in which to share ideas, innovations and best practice in both veterinary behavioural medicine and animal welfare, ethics and law.

The themes for the conference are:

Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law
Session themes:
30 September: From AWSEL to Practice- maximising the impact
1 October morning: The AWSEL of Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine

Joint Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law / Veterinary Behavioural Medicine 
Session theme:
1 October pm: Influencing clients- how far can and should we go?

Veterinary Behavioural Medicine
2 October: Clinical trials to clinical practice
3 October: Principles and practice of science based behavioural medicine

Veterinary Behavioural Medicine: Study Day
4 October am: “So what is good evidence?” Workshop to explore how to evaluate evidence upon which to base clinical decision making
4 October pm“Oh no, it’s not a dog or cat!” Case based work-shop providing delegates the opportunity to work through cases involving less commonly seen species

Further information is available at the links below. If you have any other queries please contact the local committee via

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Clifton Suspension Bridge

SS Great Britain