Would you like to donate your pet for a post mortem examination?

We receive requests to take cats, dogs, horses (and other pets) for postmortem examination for the benefits of teaching undergraduate students and for collecting samples for research.

All enquiries about such potential donations should be sent to the following email address (we will reply as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours on work days): PMServices@bristol.ac.uk

Factors that we need to consider include

  1. We can not accept animals that are suspected to have (or known to have) a significant zoonotic infection (i.e. diseases that can be transmitted to humans such as Tb)
  2. Similarly we can not accept animals that have had any chemotherapy agents/drugs within the previous 30 days prior to death
  3. We cannot collect the animal. The owner would need to arrange for delivery of the animal to the PM room at Langford Campus
  4. We cannot euthanise a live animal delivered to the site for PM examination
  5. Owners, or the animal’s attending vet, will need to sign the PM submission form with the boxes ticked that permission is given for use for teaching purposes and/or research purposes. The form can be found on the BVS website here 
  6. The examination/dissection will be carried out by our students and supervising staff as a teaching exercise
  7. We will not provide a postmortem report to the owner or vet
  8. To help our students interpret what they see, ideally we would like to receive a brief clinical history for the animal
  9. All animals submitted will be treated with the care and respect they deserve. Individual cremation after the postmortem examination can be arranged with the owner, at their expense.

We appreciate your contribution to our students’ training and look forward to discussing your enquiry.

Aiden Foster


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