Animal Welfare: Implementing Change

We aim to implement findings from animal welfare research to improve welfare in real-life situations. We are particularly interested in developing welfare assessment and assurance schemes that can be used effectively in farming and other contexts to promote good welfare.

As animal welfare science matures, translation of acquired information to farms, labs and other contexts is the next logical step.  To this end, we have established expertise in developing and implementing welfare assessment and assurance protocols in a range of different contexts, countries, cultures, and species including dairy cattle lameness, pig husbandry practices, working equines, and the EU Welfare Quality® project. There is considerable interest amongst policymakers from many sectors in our research in this area, and we work with charities, industry and governmental organisations.

Ongoing work and collaborators include

  • AssureWel- advancing animal welfare assurance (Collaborators: RSPCA and Soil Association)
  • Development of a racehorse welfare assessment too (Collaborator: British Horseracing Authority)
  • Developing an International Federation for Higher Animal Welfare Assurance Schemes (Collaborators: Prof David Main and Dr Jessica Stokes, Royal Agricultural University)
  • Developing a Code of Practice for Racing Greyhounds in Wales (Collaborators: RSPCA)
  • Developing a Rabbit Welfare Strategy for UK (with RSPCA and Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund)



Dr Nicola Rooney
Senior Lecturer in Wildlife and Conservation

Professor John Tarlton
Professor of Regenerative Medicine

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