Published Papers

Storage of prescription veterinary medicines on UK dairy farms: a cross-sectional study Rees, GM., Barrett, DC., Buller, H., Mills, HL., Reyher, KK. (2019) 

Ceasing the use of the highest priority critically important antimicrobials does not adversely affect production, health or welfare parameters in dairy cows Turner, A., Tisdall, D., Barrett, DC., Wood, S., Dowsey, A., Reyher, KK. (2018)

Evaluation of metrics for benchmarking antimicrobial use in the UK dairy industry Mills, HL., Turner, A., Morgans, L., Massey, J., Schubert, H., Rees, G., Barrett, D., Dowsey, A., Reyher, KK. (2018)

First data-driven approach to using individual cattle weights to estimate mean adult dairy cattle weight in the UK.  Schubert, H., Wood, S., Reyher, K. & Mills, H.(2018)

Antimicrobial use in food-producing animals: a rapid evidence assessment of stakeholder practices and beliefs Hockenhull, J., Turner, AE., Reyher, KK., Barrett, DC., Jones, L., Hinchliffe, S., Buller, HJ. (2017)

The future of veterinary communication: Partnership or persuasion? A qualitative investigation of veterinary communication in the pursuit of client behaviour change. Bard, A., Main, D., Haase, A., Whay, B., Roe, E. & Reyher, K. (2017) 

Achieving responsible medicines use at practice and farm level In Practice Tisdall DA, Reyher KK, Barrett DC

Participatory Policy Making by Dairy Producers to Reduce Anti-Microbial use on Farms. Zoonoses and Public Health. van Dijk, L., Hayton, A., Main, D., Booth, A., King, A., Barrett, D., Buller, H. & Reyher, K. (2016)

Comparison of visual assessment and heart girth tape measurement for estimating the weight of cattle in clinical practice. Wood, S., Reyher, K. K. & Barrett, D. C. (2015)

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