Our impact


Dr Kristen Reyher
Reader in Veterinary Epidemiology and Population Health

The AMR Force has inspired and enacted change in antimicrobial use on farms and in veterinary prescribing practice through intensive collaboration and dialogue with: suppliers, retailers, veterinarians, software development companies, livestock farmers and the livestock industry.


Winners, 2018 Antibiotic Guardian Awards – Food and Agriculture 

Specifically the AMR Force has made the following impacts:

Change in prescribing practice of veterinarians

  • Publishing a paper leading to a joint call by the University of Bristol, RUMA, BVA and BCVA for veterinarians to work with their farmers to remove expired and inappropriate medicines from farms
  • Leading the way by achieving dramatic changes in prescribing practice, reducing use of critically important AMs by over 80% to virtually zero in the Langford Farm Animal Practice, part of Langford Vets (LVS) client farms over the last six years
  • Training veterinarians on responsible use through BCVA CPD events
  • Producing responsible AM use posters and guidance through the BVA, BCVA and LVS

 Change in husbandry practices and medicine use of farmers

  • Engaging dairy farmers in antimicrobial stewardship initiatives through participatory action research
  • Dairy farmers engaged in AM policy development and changing their AM use as a result of their participation
  • Systems developed and data collected by farmers on AM use for benchmarking and development of Key Performance Indicators for more responsible use of AMs
  • Increased attention for AM use and AMR in the livestock sector in policy and research
  • Asked to contribute to the O’Neill Report on AMR as well as advise Defra, VMD, ESRC and various other policy-making bodies about ongoing AMR research
  • Leadership on the statement developed for British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) and supported by BVA about AM use in animals and published internationally
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