The equine group undertakes research across the equine clinical discipline. However there are three main research themes (i) sports medicine, (ii) trigeminal mediated head shaking, (iii) orthopaedics

Kate Allen is a specialist in equine sports medicine. Her research interest is primarily the management of diseases that affect athletic performance and in particular the diagnosis, cause and management of dynamic upper respiratory tract obstructions.

Veronica Roberts has focussed on headshaking in horses, which is suspected to be due a neuropathic facial pain syndrome, with many similarities to trigeminal neuralgia in people. In collaboration with NHS clinicians, research is undertaken to identify whether the syndrome in the horse has an identical pathophysiology as that seen in people and in the development of new surgical interventions.

Alistair Barr has a primary clinical and research interest in orthopaedics and lameness in horses in the UK and overseas and particularly the use of imaging in lameness diagnosis. Alistair is also interested in the regulation of professional conduct in the veterinary and other professions.

Residency program

If you are interested in undertaking a MSc/Residency in this area, please visit the link for residency options


Dr Kate Allen
Senior Lecturer in Equine Sports Medicine

Professor Alistair Barr
Professor of Veterinary Surgery

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