Sheep and goats centre

Working together to solve the challenges of the sheep and goat industry

Bristol research has focussed on the productivity and welfare issues of lameness and abortion in sheep. The goat industry is funding a major study into goat health problems which affect productivity.

Our farm animal veterinary practice (Langford Vets), has client farms (mostly small holders/farms raising sheep and goats). Many of these local producers use Bristol’s on-site commercial/research abattoir and butchery, providing potential for supply chain research. 


100 Ha lowland farm with grazing for sheep. A breeding flock of 100 New Zealand Romney ewes, lambing in March. Sheep can be housed or grazed.

Sheep and Goats Technical data sheet (PDF, 303kB)

I have an interest in infectious diseases of small ruminants. I have worked worked for the past twenty years on Campylobacter abortion in sheep and for the greater part on footrot in sheep. Using metagenomics and in-situ hybridisation, my group provided evidence on the organisms involved in the pathogenesis of footrot and scald. We are currently working with the goat industry and investigate the most significant problems in health and production.

Dr Rosemary Grogono-Thomas, Senior Lecturer in Farm Animal Science
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