Poultry centre

Working together to solve the challenges of the poultry industry


Eight individually controlled experimental rooms, housing up to 300 birds in each. Plus two isolated hatching facilities, available for research into both laying hen and broiler health, welfare and behaviour. This facility bridges the gap between commercial systems and small experimental units, combining industry standard housing with state of the art poultry monitoring, at flock and individual level. Home Office compliant suites of four rooms, for 20 adult hens per room, is also available.

Layers Technical data sheet (PDF, 273kB)

Broiler Technical data sheet (PDF, 193kB)


Extending our collaborative work on housing design, injurious pecking, red mite, rearing systems, bone biology and welfare assessment to develop innovative ways to optimise egg quality and business performance through improved health and welfare.


With a track record of working alongside industry to refine methods of catching, transport and slaughter as well as evaluating housing systems and welfare assessment methods, Bristol offers many possibilities for small-scale trials aimed at improving bird health, welfare and productivity.


Dr Sarah Lambton
Lecturer in Livestock Welfare and Innovation

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