Dairy centre

Working together to solve the challenges of the dairy industry

Bristol expertise addresses dairy industry welfare and productivity research questions relating to infectious diseases, antimicrobial use and resistance (AMR), animal health economics and nutrition.

Dairy researchers at Bristol have access to our diagnostic pathology service, our farm and the Langford Vets Farm Animal Practice.  We have a track record in dairy cow welfare research resulting in practice and policy change through social science and communication research. Bristol is developing novel systems to assess cattle behaviour, including using remote monitoring on our farm.


100 Ha lowland farm with grazing for cattle and production of forage crops including maize, wheat and grass. Bristol’s new dairy facility incorporating 24:24 herringbone parlour, extensive handling facilities, and state of the art housing for 220 adult cattle and approximately 200 youngstock.  The adult herd is housed all year round in a sand bedded cubicle system. The farm uses Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feeding throughout and has extensive forage storage facilities.

Dairy Technical data sheet (PDF, 223kB)


Professor David Barrett
Professor of Bovine Medicine, Production and Reproduction

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