Aquaculture centre

Working together to solve the challenges of the aquaculture industry

Based in the south of England, Bristol collaborates with industry on projects relating to fish stunning, slaughter, welfare and husbandry. Driven by the need to improve the humane slaughter of fish, Bristol has developed techniques to anaesthetise and implant EEG electrodes with subsequent recording and interpretation of EEG signals and video analysis of behaviour. Such techniques will allow study of wider brain functions such as sleep patterns. 


Bristol has two freshwater tanks which can each hold about 12 fish (E.g. up to a 400g trout) at a time, for periods of up to 1-2 weeks. The facilities allow Home Office regulated research. 

Aquaculture Technical data sheet (PDF, 202kB)

I have over 15 years’ experience of working with the aquaculture industry, with a focus on whole fish and flesh quality, and improved husbandry and welfare, particularly during handling, transport and slaughter. Whilst most of my work has a focus on salmonids, I have also published work on farmed sea bass, and farmed turbot.

Professor Toby Knowles, Professor of Farming and Food Science
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