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Vets and scientists awarded PetSavers grant

19 April 2018

Vets and scientists at the University of Bristol have been awarded a grant from PetSavers, part of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, to help vets more effectively use antibiotics to treat cats with urinary tract infections.

petsaver montage grantAntimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global health concern partly driven by the over-use of antibiotics. In people, the presence of bacteria in urine without any symptoms of infection is common and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence states that antibiotics should not be prescribed, with well-defined exceptions.

In cats, the best methods for identifying which individuals should be treated, and which not, are currently poorly defined. This University of Bristol project will help develop better diagnostic tests to help ensure that antibiotics are only used for the treatment of cats when necessary. The aim is to limit the development of AMR in bacteria carried by cats, which can cause untreatable infections in cats, but may also be passed to their owners.

Christina Maunder, the project lead said, “much AMR research is focused on farm animals and, increasingly, the pet dog population. Given the close relationship between owners and their cats and shared home environment our project is in an important and previously overlooked area of research.”

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