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Do I Call the Vet? by Dr Richard Chapman (BVSc 1958)

29 February 2016

Dr Richard Chapman BVSc qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon in 1958 obtaining his degree from the School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Bristol.

Dr. Chapman practises Veterinary Medicine in the old-fashioned way: feeling with his fingertips, using his eyes, ears, sense of smell and a large dose of intuition. He mixes experience with wisdom, combining old and new practices, the holistic with the allopathic, and bush techniques with technology.

Several of Dr. Chapman's clients asked him to write this book because they have come to rely on his knowledge, experience and understanding of animals, and of the illnesses, accidents and ailments that beset them. Dr Chapman considers prevention is better than cure, so this book contains many well-proven and simple health-promoting practices.

To find out more about his book read the Alumni news article or visit Dr Chapman's book website


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