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Clinical Skills team deliver workshops at SPANA conference




19 April 2016

Alison Catterall and Sarah Baillie from Bristol Vet School’s Clinical Skills Lab team recently delivered workshops at the annual conference of SPANA (Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad) in Morocco. SPANA is a British-based equine charity working in Africa and the Middle East and is extending its educational programmes to include establishing clinical skills labs in veterinary schools in its partner countries. The initiative aims to promote the teaching of clinical skills and animal welfare.

During the workshops, delivered in English and French, delegates made low cost, reusable suture pads and then practised stitching up silicon wounds placed in situ on a polystyrene equine limb. They undertook a ‘train the trainer’ activity, following an established method for teaching clinical skills, with one delegate as teacher and another as the learner (‘owner’ or ‘student’). The final activity involved developing instruction booklets to support student learning when using models in a clinical skills lab.

The workshops were attended by 18 technicians and 25 veterinarians. Engagement was high and feedback was positive. Ongoing collaborations are planned to share resources between Bristol Vet School and SPANA and to develop additional training.


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