Nonesuch is a biannual magazine that continues the remit of the University’s award-winning magazines re:search and Subtext to present the University's work, and the people who do it, in an engaging and accessible way. The magazine is distributed to 125,000 readers including alumni, staff, students, research councils, the local community, and other friends of the University.

Nonesuch also features profiles, news, events and glimpses of the University’s past.

Spring 2014 (PDF, 4,400kB)

  • ed to ed
  • Climate of opinion
  • Lines of duty
  • Changing faces
  • The continuing story

Autumn 2013 (PDF, 1,835kB)

  • Where the heart is
  • Ground force
  • The human factor
  • Boldly going...
  • The fight for funding
  • Bristol, give me a signal

Spring 2013 (PDF, 3,749kB)

  • The big test
  • Sound and vision
  • Building a new home
  • Seeds of change
  • Rethinking the city
  • Fighting fatigue

Autumn 2012 (PDF, 3,390kB)

  • Bright futures
  • Earth beneath our feet
  • Floating ideas
  • Exchanging words
  • Mind games
  • Alumni shaping technology

Summer 2012 (PDF, 3,043kB)‌

  • Grey matters
  • Change in the air
  • Looking for the good life
  • Thought that counts
  • Brave new world
  • Growth as usual

Winter 2012 (PDF, 4,148kB)

  • Hard numbers
  • Aiming for excellence
  • The light fantastic
  • Case histories
  • Asking the animals
  • Growing pains

Autumn 2011 (PDF, 2,133kB)

  • Show and tell
  • Good repair
  • A measured existence
  • Way to go
  • Asking the animals
  • Grass roots

Summer 2011 (PDF, 1,822kB)

  • Particle power
  • The persistence of poetry
  • Physical attraction
  • The regeneration game
  • Taking a stand
  • The other CO2 problem

Printed copies

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