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Department of History (Historical Studies) units in 2018/19

Please note: It is possible that the information shown for future academic years may change due to developments in the relevant academic field. Optional unit availability varies depending on both staffing and student choice.

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What do the Levels represent?

Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status
American Slavery: Black Bodies, Voices and Exploitation in the United States (Level C Special Topic) HIST10039 20 Not open
Approaching the Past HIST13015 20 Not open
Britain's Cold War (Level C Special Topic) HIST14018 20 Not open
China and the World in the Twentieth Century (Level C Special Topic) HIST10030 20 Not open
Cities HIST10047 20 Not open
Colonial Radicals (Level C Special Topic) HIST10041 20 Not open
Drink and Disorder in Early Modern England (Level C Special Topic) HIST10017 20 Not open
Eat, Sleep, Pray, Repeat - Religious Lifestyles in the Middle Ages (Level C Special Topic) HIST10040 20 Not open
Enlightenment Europe (Level C Special Topic) HIST14005 20 Not open
Expectations of the End (Level C Special Topic) HIST14007 20 Not open
Introduction to Early Modern History HIST13012 20 Open
Introduction to Medieval History HIST13011 20 Open
Introduction to the History of the British Empire: Rise, Fall and Legacies HIST13014 20 Open
Keeping the Red Flag Flying? Labour Party Thought and Practice, 1945-83. (Level C Special Topic) HIST14028 20 Not open
Plague, Politics and Society: England 1348-1400 (Level C Special Topic) HIST14021 20 Not open
Revolution and Theory: British Political Thought 1603-1689 (Level C Special Topic) HIST14001 20 Not open
Rome after Rome HIST10023 20 Not open
Slavery HIST10046 20 Not open
Special Topic Project HIST13003 20 Not open
The American Century HIST10044 20 Not open
The American Civil War (Level C Special Topic) HIST14015 20 Not open
The Early Modern World HIST10043 20 Not open
The Medieval World HIST10042 20 Not open
War and Society HIST10045 20 Not open
Wild Things: Humans and Other Animals in the Modern World HIST10021 20 Not open