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Department of Engineering Mathematics units in 2018/19

Please note: It is possible that the information shown for future academic years may change due to developments in the relevant academic field. Optional unit availability varies depending on both staffing and student choice.

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What do the Levels represent?

Unit name Unit code Credit points Level of study Open unit status
Advanced Control & Dynamics (UWE, UFME7F-15-M) EMATM0031 15 Masters/7 Not open
Advanced Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos EMATM0001 10 Masters/7 Not open
Applied Statistics EMAT30007 10 Honours/6 Not open
Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence EMATM0029 10 Masters/7 Not open
Complexity Research EMATM0011 100 Masters/7 Not open
Complexity Sciences Theory EMATM0010 40 Masters/7 Not open
Complexity in Engineering and Science EMATM0009 40 Masters/7 Not open
Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics Algorithms EMATM0004 10 Masters/7 Not open
Continuum Mathematics EMAT31410 20 Honours/6 Not open
Control Theory EMATM2700 10 Masters/7 Not open
Delay and stochastic equations in engineering and biology EMATM0024 10 Masters/7 Not open
Discrete Mathematics EMAT10704 20 Certificate/4 Not open
Discrete Mathematics 2 EMAT20540 10 Intermediate/5 Not open
Dissertation (UWE, UFMED4-60-M) EMATM0015 60 Masters/7 Not open
Dynamics of Networks EMATM0008 10 Masters/7 Not open
Electromechanical Systems Integration (UWE, UFMEEA-15-M ) EMATM0030 15 Masters/7 Not open
Engineering Mathematics 1 EMAT10100 20 Certificate/4 Not open
Engineering Mathematics 2 EMAT20200 20 Intermediate/5 Not open
Engineering Mathematics 3 EMATM0035 10 Masters/7 Not open
Engineering Mathematics Study Abroad EMAT38001 120 Honours/6 Not open
Engineering Physics EMAT10005 20 Certificate/4 Open
Engineering Physics II EMAT20010 10 Intermediate/5 Not open
Further Computer Programming EMAT10006 10 Certificate/4 Not open
Intelligent Adaptive Systems (UWE) EMATM0034 15 Masters/7 Not open
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence EMAT31530 20 Honours/6 Not open
Introduction to Computer Programming EMAT10007 10 Certificate/4 Not open
Mathematical Modelling in Physiology and Medicine EMATM0007 10 Masters/7 Not open
Mathematical and Data Modelling EMATM0037 10 Masters/7 Not open
Mathematical and Data Modelling 2 EMAT22220 20 Intermediate/5 Not open
Mathematical and Data Modelling 3 EMAT30005 30 Honours/6 Not open
Mathematics and Data Modelling 1 EMAT10008 20 Certificate/4 Not open
Medical Robotics and Image-Guided Surgery (UWE) EMATM0040 15 Masters/7 Not open
Neural Information Processing EMATM0041 10 Masters/7 Not open
Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos EMAT33100 10 Honours/6 Not open
Numerical Methods in Matlab EMAT20920 10 Intermediate/5 Not open
Optimisation Theory and Applications EMAT30670 10 Honours/6 Not open
Partial Differential Equations EMAT30010 10 Honours/6 Not open
Research Project EMATM0038 60 Masters/7 Not open
Research Skills EMATM0036 20 Masters/7 Not open
Robot Mechanics, Intelligence and Programming (UWE, UFMFPC-30-M) EMATM0014 30 Masters/7 Not open
Robotic Fundamentals (UWE, UFMF4X-15-M) EMATM0033 15 Masters/7 Not open
Scientific Computing EMAT30008 10 Honours/6 Not open
Statistical Pattern Recognition EMATM0012 10 Masters/7 Not open
Technical Project EMAT30009 30 Honours/6 Not open
Technical Project EMAT33800 20 Honours/6 Not open
Technical Project EMATM5000 40 Masters/7 Not open
Uncertainty Modelling for Intelligent Systems EMATM1120 10 Masters/7 Not open