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Programme structure: Robotics and Autonomous Systems (PhD) - what's running in 2017/18

This MRes degree will be awarded to students who successfully complete the first year of the PhD programme Robotics and Autonomous Systems and then choose or are required to leave the PhD programme. It is currently available only as an exit award from this programme.

Unit name Unit code Credit points Status
Robotic Fundamentals (UWE, UFMF4X-15-M) EMATM0033 15 Mandatory
Robotics Research Preparation AENGM0029 15 Mandatory
Technology and Context of Robotics and Autonomous Systems EMATM0018 10 Mandatory
FARSCOPE Group Project EMATM0019 20 Mandatory
FARSCOPE First Dissertation EMATM0020 80 Mandatory
Robotics Systems PG COMSM0012 10 Mandatory
In addition, students are required to take another 10 credit point M-level unit from the Faculty of Engineering or the Faculty of Science, excluding any innovation or enterprise unit, and subject to approval of the Programme Director.
NB: An applicant who has already taken Robotic Systems as part of a prior MSc will be required to take an option from the list below instead
Students also choose 20 credit points from the following list:
Advanced Techniques in Multi-Disciplinary Design AENGM2005 10 Optional
Sensory Ecology BIOL31132 10 Optional
Artificial Intelligence with Logic Programming COMS30106 10 Optional
Image Processing and Computer Vision COMS30121 10 Optional
Computational Neuroscience COMS30127 10 Optional
Design Verification COMS31700 10 Optional
Advanced Computer Architecture COMSM0109 10 Optional
Interactive Devices COMSM0009 10 Optional
Communication Systems (M) EENGM2100 10 Optional
Advanced DSP & FPGA Implementation EENGM4120 10 Optional
Statistical Pattern Recognition EMATM0012 10 Optional
Uncertainty Modelling for Intelligent Systems EMATM1120 10 Optional
Control Theory EMATM2700 10 Optional
Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence EMATM0029 10 Optional
Intelligent Adaptive Systems (UWE) EMATM0034 15 Optional
Electromechanical Systems Integration (UWE, UFMEEA-15-M ) EMATM0030 15 Optional
Virtual Product Development MENGM6049 10 Optional
Biomechanics MENGM6051 10 Optional
MRes Robotics and Autonomous Systems   180  

Progression/award requirements

The assessment of the taught component of a doctoral degree is governed by the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes and is assessed separately from the research project. Progression to the research project may be dependent on the successful completion of the taught component - please refer to the relevant handbook for the structure of the particular programme.

The pass mark set by the University for any level 7(M) unit is 50 out of 100.

Exit awards

It may be possible to exit the programme with a taught award. For detailed rules on progression please see the Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Programmes and the relevant faculty handbook.

Additional progress information

To be awarded a postgraduate certificate, students must have successfully completed 60 credit points of taught units, to include at least one of 'Robotics Fundamentals' and 'Robotic Systems'. There is no Postgraduate Diploma exit award.

To be awarded the MRes, students must have successfully completed 180 credit points from the taught units, including the dissertation unit. Note that the MRes degree will only be awarded to students electing to exit the CDT programme after one year.

The dissertation unit is must pass at the first attempt for students on the PhD. The dissertation unit may only be retaken by students who intend to exit with the MRes.