Strategic Transport Group and Consultative Transport Group

Strategic Transport Group (STG)

Approve and review a Transport Plan for the University covering all locations and both staff and students.  The Group’s aim is to focus on key transport issues that affect the University’s strategic aims, such as increasing student numbers, highway alterations or transport issues impacting in the precinct.

The Strategic Transport Group will normally have 9 members, with a quorum of 5.  The Chairperson and membership of the Group will be agreed by the University Planning and Resources Committee (UPARC) and nominated through the Deputy Vice Chancellor.

Meetings will be programmed in such a way so that they support the key points in the annual cycle of events and initiatives, with one meeting taking place each term (Autumn, Spring and Summer), totalling a minimum of three meetings held each academic year.

There may also be instances where a specific out-of-cycle meeting is called by the STG Chair.

The STG will liaise with the Consultative Transport Group (CTG) on key strategic issues/recommendations for comment. The CTG is represented as a member of the STG by way of attendance by the CTG Chair.

STG Terms of Reference

STG Membership

Consultative Transport Group (CTG)

To ‘advise, counsel and warn’ the Strategic Transport Group (STG) on key issues impacting on the University’s Transport Plan covering all locations and both staff and students.  The group is consultative with decision making around strategic issues made by the STG.

It is expected that there will be important non-strategic issues that the group will also comment upon, such as who has access to bike sheds, car parking appeals and departmental car parking applications.

The CTG will normally have no more than 11 members.  Membership includes current members of the Travel to Work Implementation Group (TWIG) not represented on the STG, plus other representatives as identified.

The form of the Group will be partly derived in relation to the mode of travel of its members as well as the Chair of the Consultative Transport Group and the Sustainability Manager (Transport) (Coordinator)

The CTG shall report or provide input to the STG by:

CTG Terms of Reference

CTG Membership