The Child Death Review Process

Working together to safeguard children (2013)

Working Together (2013) outlines two inter-related processes…a ‘Rapid Response’ where a group of professionals come together for the purpose of evaluating the cause of death in an individual child, where the death of that child is unexpected, and a ‘Child Death Overview Panel’ (CDOP) that comes together to undertake an overview of all child deaths under the age of 18 years in a defined geographical area.

In the area of the former county of Avon, four neighbouring Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs)  -  Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, and Bath and North East Somerset  -  have come together to form a single West of England (WoE) Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP).  The membership of the Panel rotates twice a year and is arranged to ensure that there is the necessary level of expertise and experience, and that each LSCB is appropriately represented.

The WoE CDOP reviews information on every child who has died whose post code of residence is within its geographical boundary.  Some of these deaths may occur outside the West of England.  The WoE CDOP additionally reviews the deaths of non-resident children who may be under the care of a specialist paediatric medical or surgical team in Bristol.

National Child Mortality Database

For information on the National Child Mortality Database click here.

Annual Reports

West of England CDOP Annual Report 2013-14 (PDF, 903kB) 
Wiltshire and Swindon CDOP Annual Report 2013-14 (PDF, 902kB) 

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