Belgian Concession

Belgian ClairageThe Belgian concession in Tianjin was established in 1902, and was the smallest of all the international concessions. The Belgian government did not invest in its concession to any great extent, nor expend as much time or energy as many of the other concessions in building programmes.

The Compagnie de Tramways et d’Eclairage de Tientsin (pictured) signed a contract with Belgium and China in 1904 allowing it sole rights to the provision of electricity in the Concession .

In 1906 the Company created a tramway system which extended across all of the Concessions, making Tianjin the first Chinese city to enjoy a modern transport system.

In 1937, the Japanese Army seized the Company, which, at the end of the Second World War was offered to the Chinese government in anticipation of the retrocession of the entire concession.