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Use this search to find details about performances in the catalogue. The results will give you details of relevant performances as well as catalogue records relating to the person in question.

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Hints and tips

  • 'The' and 'A' at the beginning of a title is not required. For example, type 'Cherry Orchard' rather than 'The Cherry Orchard'.
  • Not all boxes need to be completed. Selecting just a theatre will produce a list of all the records we have about that theatre. Selecting just a season will produce a list of records that we have for that period.
  • A theatre season runs from 1st September until 31st August.
  • The majority of plays on the plays database cover plays from the late 19th century onwards. Use advanced search or basic search to find earlier plays.

The Basic and Advanced searches can also be used to find information on Plays, Dates and Theatres.