Service Catalogue

The Service Catalogue is a list of services provided by Unified Comms. The list below contains each service and a short description of them.

Unified Comms Services

Analogue Fixed Lines

 Analogue fixed lines that are provided by a single copper cable that runs into University buildings and are provided by BT and Spectrum.

 BT Redcare provide fire and alarm signalling services via a private IP line whilst also providing resilient 4G signalling.

Mobiles for University Business  Unified Comms provides phones and SIMs to user across the University using EE for 36-month contracts.
Skype for Business with Enterprise Voice Skype for Business is a Unified Communications platform that integrates common channels of business communication and online meetings, including instant messaging (IM), presence, voice over IP (VoIP), voicemail, file transfers and video conferencing.
SIP Trunking An IP solution that allows for the transmission of voice and real-time communications between various locations over computer networks.
Switchboard  Incoming calls to 0117 928-9000 route via the ISDX telephone exchange and then into BTS switchboard software.
UC Assessor  A tool that disagnoses two endpoints on a WAN/LAN network to determine network conditions and potential issues - lag, jitter, etc.
UoB Alert  
Virtual Conferencing - BlueJeans  BlueJeans provides video, audio and web conferencing capabilities, unlimited time and up to 100 attendees.
Virtual Conferencing - Zoom  Zoom provides video communications with particular emphasis on the meeting experience, including collaboration, chat and webinars.
Virtual Conferencing - Webex  Webex allows users to coduct meetings from laptop, smartphone or dial-in with Intercall Audio.
Voicemail Service  The voicemail and C3 Fusion services connect to Unify DX PBXs. The service offers the ability to leave voicemail messages when an analogue phone is rung but not answered (or has been diverted to voicemail)
Voicemail VoIP  This relates to the voicemail service and the C3 Fusion service connected to the Unify OpenScape VoIP system via SIP. The service offers the ability for people to leave messages when a VoIP phone is rung (voicemail). C3 Fusion is the means to route the calls via a script.
VoIP OneNumber-OpenScape  Unify OpenScape is the UoB VoIP telephone solution. OneNumber is the web client provided by Unify OpenScape which gives users a UC client and the ability to make/receive calls.