The following features are available on your fixed extension.

Outside line 21
Hold R * 9
Un-Hold R * 1
Call Parking R * 6 x
Transfer call R x
Ring back R # 1
Cancel ring back # # 1
Extension call pick up *3 x
Group pick up **3
Conference R x R * 4
Call Diversion
Divert all calls # 9 x
Cancel divert all calls # # 9
Divert on busy # 0 # x
Cancel divert on busy # # 0 #
Divert if no answer # 0 * x
Cancel divert if no answer # # 0 *
Key to symbols
R The "recall" or "transfer" button on your phone
x An extension number eg "12345"
# or * These buttons on your phones keypad

Call Hold

Places a call on hold at your extension until you wish to reconnect to it. Meanwhile you can replace your handset.

To Reconnect:

Call Parking

Enables you to place a call on hold and reconnect yourself to that call at another extension. For example, you have answered a call away from your desk and wish to park it at your own telephone.

The call is now parked on the extension. You have approximately 75 seconds to pick up the new extension before it will start to ring.

To Reconnect:

Transfer call

If you receive a call and the caller wishes to speak to someone on another extension.



Ring Back When Available

This facility enables you to tell the system to let you know when an extension becomes available, ie you have called an extension but there was no answer. Next time that extension is used, it will notify you


If you try to set Ring Back on more than one extension at any time, you will receive number unobtainable signal (continuous tone). ,/p>

Ring Back When Free

This facility holds a call to a busy extension line and rings your extension when it is free.

Cancel Ring Back


If you try to set Ring Back on more than one extension at any time, you will receive the number unobtainable signal (continuous tone).

Selecting Ring Back after attempting a Communication Group call, or requesting Ring Back via an operator initiated call, will result in the extension against which the Ring Back is set receiving a warning beep. This extension then has the option of accepting your call before clearing the existing party.

Call Pickup

Enables you to answer a call ringing at any other extension providing you know that extension number.


Call Diversion

Divert All Calls

Enables calls to your extension to be routed automatically to another extension.

All calls to your extension will now go to the new number.

Subsequent Diversions

If you are going to yet another office:

Cancel Diversion From the Remote Phone

Divert on Busy

Cancel Divert on Busy

Divert No Reply

Cancel Divert No Reply.