NWOW - Get Started Guide

Getting Started with OpenScape OneNumber

In Google Chrome browser (Note:  It is important to use Google Chrome)

  1. Log into Openscape here: Openscape OneNumber Web Client
  2. Click on the pearl menu button in the top left of the OneNumber window

  1. Click on  then  . List of Preferred Devices box will open 
  2. To add a handset click  bottom right of the screen. New device box will open
  3. In the ‘name’ field, enter the last 3 digits of the ‘Device No. +28’ handset situated on the desk you are sat at
  4. In the ‘Phone’ field enter the device number that is labelled on the phone

  1. Click OK and OK again 

The handset has now been added to your OneNumber Account

Activating your handset to make and receive calls using OneNumber

  1. Click the phone icon, top right of the OneNumber window 

  1.  drop down list will appear, click the phone you wish to receive calls on

At the end of the day 

  1. Click the phone icon, top right of the One Number window 

  1. Select ‘Office phone’This deactivates your web client and you will no longer be able to receive callsCalls will now divert to voicemail. (Unless you are part of a Hunt Group - more information about Hunt Groups can be found here:  Hunt Groups) 

  1. Close the browser


Click here for NWOW FAQs.