Unified Comms Introduction to NWOW OneNumber Web Client

You and University of Bristol New Way of Working (NWOW)

Welcome to your OpenScape OneNumber WebClient  https://onenumber.bris.ac.uk/

For ease of reference we shall be calling the system, simply, OneNumber.

You have been allocated your telephone number and this will follow you wherever you go throughout the University.   Telephone numbers are allocated to individuals and NOT telephones so you will need to know how to log in, make calls and logout of OneNumber dependent on your working arrangements on a day to day basis.  This Guidance will hopefully enable you to do this with ease.

Calls made to your OneNumber will ring on the preferred phone that you have logged into.  At times this might be referred to as a "device" dependant on whether you are logging into your desk phone, home phone or mobile.  Regardless of which device is used, the caller will not be able to tell the difference because calls coming in or being made by OneNumber only shows your OneNumber.  

When you make calls via your OneNumber on the Web Client Portal  (see the image above) all calls are logged in your call history as outgoing calls.  Viewing the Journal on the Web Client has the advantage that incoming calls are also logged so you can see who you have called and who has called you.

There is a detailed FAQ's regarding your NWOW telephone which can be accessed here: FAQ

And you can contact us directly as follows

For a detailed overview of NWOW please follow this link


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