Webex Meetings


Getting Started with Webex Meetings

Webex is an excellent collaboration tool for when you are hosting or taking part in a video conference meeting where Webex is the conferencing tool of choice.  This guide is intended to help you get started with your first meeting and to help you collaborate effectively with other users so that you can move forward with your video meeting with confidence. 

From the SELECT VIDEO CONNECTION drop down list you can select your video connection.  This can be the integrated camera on your laptop or you may have connected to Logitech Meet me.  More instructions on connecting to Logitecgh can be located here :  Logitech Set Up User Guide



TIP: your selection will automatically save for your next meeting.

Start and Stop your Meeting

You can stop and restart your video during your meeting at the click of a control button.

If you wish to change camera, you can do this easily by clicking SELECT CAMERA DEVICE OR STOP MY VIDEO Then in the VIDEO CONNECTION dialog box, you can select the camera.  If you paused your meeting whilst selecting your camera setting, you can restart your video SELECT START MY VIDEO  and then START MY VIDEO.


S‌hare your Meeting Content


Anyone taking part in your meeting can share content with each other and help keep all your participants engaged.   The SHARE option is located on the CONTROL BAR.


  To easily share content simply select SHARE ‌ and SCREEN


TIP:  You have the option when sharing content to select OPTIMISE FOR TEXT AND IMAGES or OPTIMISE FOR MOTION AND VIDEO.  If your video is of a high quality and frame rate then opitmising will help make for a smoother playback.

The above tips cover the sharing of video.  You can follow the same procedure to share either Files or Applications by clicking on SHARE FILE or click on the application you wish to share.


TIP: Applications you can share include web browsers, multimedia viewers and players, files and applications on a remote computer.   Please note, however, that firewalls and upload policies in your organisation or the audience you are transmitting to may mean they or you may have trouble accessing shared information.  It is always advised to carry out a test call to try out connectivity and compatibility of shared videos, files or applications, prior to the main event.

Manage Your Meeting

Webex conference calls work very similarly to other hosted online video conferencing tools.  Below is a simple guide to get Started


Invite people to a meeting in progress

from the meeting controls, select MORE OPTIONS > INVITE & REMIND and enter the required info
Turn off participant entry beeps and tones Select PARTICIPANT > ENTRY AND EXIT TONE
Mute Microphone


To mute everyone except you PARTICIPANT > MUTE ALL


Edit a welcome message Select MEETING > WELCOME MESSAGE
Record a Meeting From the meeting controls select RECORDER (TIP: Pause and resume the recording as you need to.  If you stop and restart you will end up with multiple recordings
Rename a user calling in

Right-click the PARTICIPANTS name and select RENAME

Make someone else the presenter Drag the Webex Ball to the next presenter
Make someone else the host Right-click the name or thumbnail and select CHANGE ROLE TO > HOST
Reclaim host role Select your name in the PARTICIPANT list, then select PARTICIPANT > RECLAIM HOST ROLE
Remove someone from the meeting Right-click the name in the PARTICIPANT list  select EXPEL
Leave a meeting From the meeting controls, select LEAVE
End a meeting From the meeting controls, select LEAVE and then confirm you want to end the meeting


There is a lot you can do within Webex Meetings and this guide is designed to get you started.  You can use whiteboards and annotate during your conference call as well as change layouts.  There are lots of interactive guides to assist with this that you can locate here.

Webex Help

If you would like 1:1 guidance and support with setting up and managing your conference call please do Contact us