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Group video conferencing delivers a high quality video and audio experience and is suitable for meetings with 10 or more people involved.  

Plug and play controls, an interactive remote and easy to use controls on the device itself, as well as simply plugging in your laptop via USB gives you all the power you need to conduct collaborative video conference meetings.  Users can also connect their mobile handset to Logitech for great sounding audio calls.  We have a number of devices available to borrow or purchase.  Some rooms have Logitech installed.  Please check when booking your room as to what devices are available.


Setting up your Logitech


Logitech labelled whats in the box

‌Some rooms will have this equipment already set up and you will just need to connect your laptop.  You may have this equipment provided for you in a box and this guide is to help you get set up.

Your box will contain the above items

depending on your needs you may also have

In later models of the Logitech Group kit, all wires have colour coded ends to them so you know exactly where to plug everything in.  Older versions do not have this so for the purpose of this guide we are going to assume we are working with non color coded connections.

Take all items out of the box and layout in front of you as per the list above.

Follow the attached guide to plug all the equipment together




Once everything is connected and plugged in the speaker unit will come into life with the Logitech logo and a blue outline will light up around the edge of the device.

You are now ready to connect to your meeting using your chosen video conferencing package. Please refer to the relevant page, linked below, to help you set this up.


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