Simple Guide for Users to get set up Using BlueJeans for Video conferencing.

You need a Bluejeans account and to get this please contact the Service Desk to get an invite to set yourself up.  Note that Bluejeans works best when using Google Chrome.

If you are the organiser of a meeting,  follow these instructions

  1. Log on to your Bluejeans account.  It will look a little like this


  1. Set up a password when you get your invite.  You will need to enter this on the next screen
  3. Enter a meeting title and a description as well as the date and time

TIP:  book your meeting to start 15 mins early to allow you time to set up your equipment and test connections etc.

  1. INVITE PARTICIPANTS.  Enter emails, followed by a comma just as you would writing an email

You and your invitees will receive an invite to the Bluejeans meeting which, when accepted, will appear in theirs (and your) inbox.  The detail of the meeting including the meeting ID will be located here.  If you wish to invite further people prior to the meeting taking place you, as the organiser, can do this via your Bluejeans account by editing the meeting and adding in or deleting invitees as you see fit.

Once your meeting is set up and scheduled it will appear in your account like this


From this screen you can start your meeting or run a test to make sure the audio and visuals all look ok.


  2. This will bring up the test Parrot


  1. From this screen you can test your audio and picture settings to make sure you can be heard and that you can also hear your invitees.  Parrot will repeat you and you should be able to hear parrot.
  2. When you are happy you can press the red phone at the top of the screen to end the test call.
  3. Once the test call is ended you have the MY PERSONAL MEETING INFO which will detail recent meetings and upcoming meetings.
  4. To Open your meeting simply click on the meeting and you will then go to your meeting.
  5. You may be the first person at the meeting and you will then be joined by your fellow invitees.
  6. If you are having a simple conference meeting on your laptop you can use the microphone and camera on your laptop and this is usually perfectly adequate for small meetings.  If you are in an open plan space it is always recommended you have a headset although you can speak and be heard through your laptop as long as you are aware that your near neighbours will also be able to hear and be heard, whether they are invited to the meeting or not!  If you would like a headset you can obtain these here
  7. If you are in a room set up for conference calls then please see our separate guide Logitech Set Up Guide


  1. Have your document or Powerpoint open on your desktop and when ready click the SHARE SCREEN option at the top of your meeting.   It is suggested you share your entire desktop and not a specific application to get the best experience.  You know you are sharing when the green you are sharing bar is on at the top of your screen.  To stop sharing click on the red stop sharing and that will take your document and presentation away.
  2. Video sharing.  You will need to upload your video to the video share folder available in your account.  Click on the three dots at the top of your login screen.


  1. You will then be able to share video during your meetings. 


+61.7.3123.4461(Brisbane, Australia)

+1.416.900.2956(Canada (Toronto))

+56.22.898.8256(Chile (Santiago))

+27.10.500.9256(South Africa (Johannesburg))

+44.203.608.5256(UK (London))




Apple's release of Mac OS10.15 (Catalina) may impact some BlueJeans users. 

After you upgrade Apple will prompt you to grant Bluejeans permission when users attempt to share their screen.

NOTE  The system prompt will only appear the first  time users click the Share Screen

NOTE:  Please ensure you have the latest version of Bluejeans on your computer.  To check this you can click here:

If you experience problems connecting to the Bluejeans App, or if you need any support around an upcoming meeting, please do contact us.  More support can be located here MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) Impact on Bluejeans Users