Video conferencing

What sort of virtual conferencing do you need?

During the current Coronavirus epidemic everyone is seeking virtual meetings and teaching options are vital. We have a range of tools that can assist you.

See our video conference guidance

 Guidance is provided by the Digital Education Office on approaches to online teaching and learning


Video conferencing 

Video conferencing is available to all staff throughout the University.   There are tools available to support users having 1:1 facetime conversations to large numbers of individuals having an interactive meeting involving sharing documentation and video.  Consideration of the type of call should determine the tools needed.   A Video Interview or Viva will have differing requirements to a large capacity presentation with 40 people watching from one location and various presenters throughout the day.   The type of meeting space you need, number of desks/seats and layout can be accessed here.

All video conferencing tools available within the University of Bristol offer secure connections when dialling out from the University.  However please do be aware that we cannot guarantee your secure connection if you are dialling in to a video conference or telephone conference being hosted by a third party.

If your particular Video requirement does not match what we have here then please Contact Us and we will be very happy to assist.


Skype for Business 

Skype for Business is available to all staff and student at the University. Skype for Business is a key tool for internal communications and collaboration and is integrated into the Microsoft 365 environment.  It’s excellent for communication and collaboration with colleagues and students.  

For guidance on Skype for Business visit the support pages.

Blue Jeans 

Bluejeans is a world-leading provider of video, audio and web conferencing, together with the collaboration tools suitable for small groups to upto 100 people in it's Meetings tool. The University account with Bluejeans offers unlimited time and upto 100 invitees for a meeting.  Invitees do not need an account, they can join from the invitation sent to them

See our guide to getting started with BlueJeans

Additional help and guidance is available at

Advice and consultancy is available for those wishing to set up their own facilities. Please contact us with details of your requirements.


Webex is a popular video conferencing service.  We have a small number of licenses available if you require this service.


Logitech Group Video Conferencing Logitech Logo


We have a small number of Group video collaboration kits available for videoconferences of up to 20+ people.  This includes a camera, speakerphone and remote control to give you an HD quality conferencing experience.  These are deployed as required and you can Contact Us to discuss your specific requirements and whether a Group System would suit your needs.  If you have a Logitech Group Kit and you would like some guidance on setting this up please click here

You may need a headset and these can be purchased here:  Purchase phones and telephony products