Telephone Conferencing ‌

If you want to hold a conference call but you don't need video capability, we have solutions to help with this including using the OneNumber Web Client you have already on your laptop.   

NWOW users can access Intercall which gives the option to hold telephone conference calls on the move and PolyCom Soundstations which allows you to hold large meetings in rooms set up for the purpose throughout the University.


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Intercall voice conferencing allows users to partake in voice conferencing from their desk or on the go, using smart phones by downloading the MobileMeet app.

Contact us initially and we will get you set up with an account.

Keep a note of your account information somewhere safe and you will then be able to use this to arrange conference calls.

If you need any further guidance or assistance on tele-conference calling then please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Do note that Intercall conference calling is a free service. 

The University does not have a  licence for BT conference calling and this should not be used.  If you have used a BT account previously then please Contact Us to talk through the options.