OneNumber - Audio-Conferencing

OneNumber - Telephone Conferencing


Your Openscape OneNumber Web Client is ideal when hosting smaller meetings held both internally within the University or with a small number of individuals (6 or less ideally) outside callers. 

Follow the instructions to log in to OpenScape OneNumber Web Client here:  NWOW - OneNumber Get Started Guide

  1. Click on the Conferences tab
  2. Now click on the create new conference icon
  3. Add a name for your conference
  4. If required you can set a start time by clicking on the box next to Start Time. Set the date, time and duration of the conference
  5. Next you can add participants to the conference. There is a search option available to search for participants. Add all the participants you require and apply and ok


If you are adding participants external from the University then you can add the number using prefix of +44 such as +447985181xxx or +44117xxxxxx then press enter this box will appear add a name and ok (the participant will be added to the conference)


Once completed press apply again to confirm the conference is completed. A conference bridge number and pin will now appear.

If the conference is to start with immediate effect then press on the start button. Your handset will ring and when pick up your handset you will join the conference as the moderator.

All other members of the conference can then join by ringing the conference bridge number (using the conference pin if required).

A list of all planned conferences can be viewed on the conferences tab.


Attached are detailed instructions if you would like to download the manual: