Conference Solutions

Conference solutions at the University of Bristol

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE FOR TEACHING:  Coronavirus Guidance from the Digital Education Team

What do you need to do?

Calling staff or students directly or arranging a meeting with a group of people based within the University - Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams  (please note that Teams is not yet enabled to dial outside of the University.  Teams is unable to dial phone numbers at this time)

Small to large group meetings Zoom Meetings 

Work From Home Tips

If you have any queries regarding the tools available please contact the IT Service Desk.

Video Guides

The Teaching & Learning Collaboration Team have put together a set of really helpful video guides to help you set up your home working and video conferencing.

Further guidance on all things audio and visual can be located with the Teaching, Learning and Collaboration Team 


Travel v conf call graphic

Travelling and communication is an integral part of academic and business life within the University of Bristol and gives global opportunities for collaboration and contact. However, there are environmental and financial impacts that need to be considered when deciding on your options for communication. Could a video or telephone conference be more time and cost-efficient solution? Sustainable travel choices are everyone's responsibility and you can find out more about this here.


There are a number of virtual meeting options available at the University of Bristol.

Video Conferencing tools enable and facilitate staff meetings, mass teaching of students, international collaboration on research or student recruitment. 

For live teaching and learning activities and events, Blackboard Collaborate is the University recommended tool. Support for Collaborate is provided by the Digital Education Office.

For our purposes here we are focussing on the use of video for formal meetings/interviews and those events where a video/audio link underpins a meeting. Video Conferencing has a number of options for staff meetings and conference calls. There are a number of out of scope uses for video including large meeting events, teaching opportunities to larger audiences and one-off large scale video requirements. Please talk to us about any requirements that are not detailed here.

If your particular Video requirement does not match what we have here, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist. 

If you require dedicated technician support before, during and after your conference, we have staff available so please specify if you would like support when you make your conference arrangements.  The quality of the call is likely to be consistent and you have the option of a dedicated support technician who will be on hand during the meeting to help with any technical problems should they arise.

If you have any queries regarding the tools available please contact the IT Service Desk.

Please note that due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, levels of support for activity may not be available.