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Conference Solutions at University of Bristol

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Travelling and communication is an integral part of academic and business life within University of Bristol and gives global opportunities for collaboration and contact.

Whilst this is encouraged and is, indeed, a vital tool, there are environmental and financial impacts that need to be considered when deciding on your options for communication.

Maintaining the quality of the contact we make outside of the University is a key priority but it's always a good idea to be thinking about how you can eliminate carbon impact and whether travel is necessary. 

Could a video or telephone conference be a more time and cost efficient solution?   

Sustainable travel choices are everyone's responsibility and you can find out more about this  Here  with detailed policy guidelines linked  Here

If you have any questions about travel through the University you can email the procurement team

What Can You Do? ‌

Choosing sustainable options do not have to cost more or take more time.

Video and telephone conferencing solutions have the lowest impact from an environmental perspective.


Conferencing solutions prevent the need to travel saving both cost and environmental impact.  Hours spent travelling can be better spent collaborating using the various digial solutions we have available within Unified Comms, details of which can be located easily by clicking on the links below.

There are a number of virtual meeting options available at University of  Bristol and you can explore the options here:

Do you need to:   Telephone - Conference 


Telephone Conferencing- At your desk or on the go using your mobile


Polycom Set Up Guide- large voice only meetings in a meeting/conference room

Telephone conference meetings are a low-cost way to organise and run your meeting.  They are great for regular team meetings, discussing routine business and where participants don't need to refer to shared information or documents. 

Do you need to:   Video - Conference

There is a range of options available to users


Skype for Business



Zoom, online Skype & Other Solutions


Polycom Set Up Guide

Logitech Set Up Guide


Virtual (or Video) conferencing is large topic. From two people using mobiles to ‘facetime’, through to thousands of people watching and interacting via video, audio and instant messaging. Within that span is also great variationthe technology, the quality of rooms, the knowledge of end-users, security needstimes of day or night when facilities need to be used. 

Video Conferencing tools enable and facilitate staff meetings, mass teaching of students, international collaboration on research or student recruitment. 

For our purposes here we are focussing on the use of video for formal meetings/interviews and those events where a video/audio link underpins a meeting.   Video Conferencing has a number of options for staff meetings and conference calls.   There are a number of out of scope uses for video including large meeting events, teaching opportunities to larger audiences and one off large scale video requirements.  Please do talk to us about any requirements that are not detailed here.

If your particular Video requirement does not match what we have here then please Contact Us  and we will be very happy to assist.  If you require dedicated technician support before, during and after your conference then we have staff available, please do specify if you would like this when you make your conference arrangements.  The quality of the call is likely to be consistent and you have the option of a dedicated support technician who will be on hand during the meeting to help with any technical problems should they arise.

If you have any queries regarding the tools available please contact the IT Service Desk -