Book video conference room

Video conferencing integrates video and audio to connect users anywhere in the world and can be supplemented by the transmission of video recordings or images (such as overhead projector slides, printed material,  objects and programs running on an attached computer) sourced from a document camera.

How to book a video conference

IT Services can help set up a group multipoint video conference from a suitable meeting room (see room availability below). Please book as early as possible - it requires two weeks' notice to set up room bookings and test equipment.

To book a video conference:

  1. Send your request for a video conference meeting to the IT Service Desk
  2. You will be advised on the most suitable room to book and will be contacted to arrange a run through so that everything is ready for you and your contact(s).

Please note: you are recommended to make a test call in advance of the actual video conference to check the connection.

Rooms available

The following centrally-supported video-conferencing rooms can be booked by any member of staff.

LocationRoom Capacity
Boardroom, 5th Floor, Senate House 16
Arts Graduate School, 7 Woodland Road 6
Bristol Institute of Public Affairs, 2 Priory Road 8 + 8
Nanoscience and Quantum Information Building, Tyndall Avenue 60


Charges include pre-set-up and testing time as well as dedicated onsite support during the meeting.

Time of DayInternal to University of BristolExternal to University of Bristol
07.00-19.00 £0 per hour £99 per hour
19.00-23.00 £0 per hour £150 per hour
23.00-07.00 £0 per hour £350 per hour

Additional rooms

There are also some additional video conference rooms that can only be booked by staff in particular schools; these generally have some local support.

LocationBookable byCapacity
69 St Michael's Hill Clinical Sciences Staff 12
Barley House, Oakfield Grove Social and Community Medicine Staff 10
AIMS, Room 2a/2b, School of Medical Sciences, University Walk Medical Sciences Staff 20-45
Mobile unit, School of Medical Sciences, University Walk Medical Sciences Staff N/A
Southwell Street, School of Veterinary Sciences Veterinary School Staff 8-10
Dolberry Building, Langford Veterinary School Staff 40
1.06, Merchant Venturers Building, School of Computer Science Computer Science Staff  
B.4S, School of Geographical Sciences, University Road Geographical Science Staff 8-10