Make voice conference call

A conference call lets up to six telephone users speak to each other at the same time.

When you are already in communication with the first party of the conference do the following:

  1. Press R and listen for the holding dial tone;
  2. Key in the extension or external number of the person to be added (abbreviated codes may also be used);
  3. Inform the person who is going to join the conference;
  4. Press R to receive the dial tone, and key in * 4 ;
  5. The call is now joined to the conference;
  6. Repeat these steps until all parties have joined the conference call.

Conference phone - loan service

polycom conference phone

There are three Polycom Soundstation2 conference phones for loan at a cost of £15 each.

Other options

One Number Service

If you have migrated to the new One Number Telephone system you can organise your conferences within your web interface.


The University has negotiated favourable rates with InterCall. If you wish to set up a conference call or an InterCall account dial 0 or contact ( table of InterCall rates (Office document, 10kB)).

You can use this service on the go as well by using the MobileMeet app:


This service charges via a 0844 number so the amount you pay is via everyone`s phone bill. There is a connection charge and then a price per minute. It's not the cheapest way to hold a conference call. It would depend on how many and where your participants are what would be the cheapest option for the university and the people you are talking with.