Access Grid Nodes

Please note: IT Services does not develop nor maintain specific skills in Access Grid Nodes and anticipates that the technology does not have a long-term future. We are happy to talk to Schools about replacement strategies and projects. 

Access Grid Nodes (AGN) are rooms dedicated to a more complex form of video conferencing where visual and sound contact can be combined with screens providing presentations or other graphics. They are relatively costly to set-up and maintain and are demanding of technical time during operation. They have tended to be superseded by tools such as Skype and Google Hangouts.

The University does not have a centrally-maintained, bookable, AGN facility. Some local AGNs are paid for, maintained and run by Schools and operational assistance needs to be provided by Schools. In the event of technical difficulties with the latter IT Services can provide reasonable endeavours to support the IT components and some limited assistance on the audio-visual components.