Analytics reports

Changes to the University's web analytics

The University's contract with comScore Digital Analytix is coming to an end in August 2017 and we are in the process of moving to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics provides the University with a more powerful and accurate tool to understand behaviour across our web pages as it can track the whole user journey. It will provide us with actionable insights and real-time data so that we can identify where to commit effort to improving our content.

If you receive a monthly analytics report from ComScore, we will be in touch when dashboard access is available in Google Analytics.

Request analytics reports for your website

Up until 26 August 2017 we can provide you with one-off reports for the last 3, 6 or 12 months, contact us with:

If you would like to have Google Analytics dashboard access for future web analytics, please let us know. 

What are web analytics?

Web analytics show you statistical information on your website's visitors. Analytics are an important tool to guide the management and optimisation of your website.

ComScore analytics report items

If you receive a monthly, or one-off report from ComScore, the standard report will show you:

Note: any personal data captured by the reporting software is anonymised at source.

Report formatting

The formatting of web URLs in the reports is slightly different to your live URL:

External and internal browsers

The report includes information on external browsers (general public) and internal browsers (staff and students visiting the website from within the University IT network). These are listed on the report as 'bristol-ext' and 'bristol-int' respectively.