How to upload media

Applies to: T4 Site Manager, Plone, Zope
Last updated: 20/10/2014
Summary: How to upload images, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and other media.

Before you start

You will be able to upload files up to ten megabytes directly to your website as follows:

  • T4 Site Manager: upload to the Media Library;
  • Zope and Plone: use ‘images’ or ‘documents’ folder within your website structure.

For larger files you will need to use an Apache media folder.

T4 Site Manager Media Library

Find out more about using the Media Library.

Files larger than ten megabytes (Apache media folder)

Find out more about using an Apache media folder.

Accepted file types

Find out more about accepted file types for T4 Site Manager Media Library and Apache media folders.

File naming


  • before uploading, save your file using meaningful, web-safe names, eg 'open-day-programme.pdf'. No spaces, capital letters or special characters. Use hyphens to separate words. Otherwise, some browsers will not allow users to download your file.


  • use years in file names, eg 'estates-annual-report.pdf' not 'estates-annual-report-2014.pdf'. Instead, replace the file with the current version each year.

Your website should not be treated as a document repository. Content management systems are not systems to store, archive or track versions of documents.

Read-only files

All Microsoft Office documents that are intended to be ‘read only’ should be converted to PDF and optimised. If these documents need to be edited by the user they can be uploaded in non-PDF format.

Uploading batches of files (bulk upload)

If you have several files to upload at the same time, contact us.