How to link to the campus map

Applies to: Zope, Plone, T4 Site Manager
Last updated: 20/11/2015
Summary: Linking to specific locations on the University’s Google map

Before you start

Rather than insert a map onto your web page, you can link to a specific location on the University’s Google map of the campus.

It’s recommended to include this link on the website’s contacts page, using the following link text, 'Find us on the Google campus map.'

How to find the correct map URL

  1. Go to the the Google map.
  2. Find the department/school/building by clicking the red pinpoint on the map, or by clicking the name of the location in the key on the right.
  3. In the pop-up balloon, click the 'Link to here' link. The URL in your browser will be updated with a specific URL for the location.
  4. Use this URL to add a link to a location on the map.

Google map features

The map includes features you would expect on a Google map, eg streetview; direction information (from/to the selected location) via the pop-up balloon.

Please note that we currently have no control over the direction the streetview camera is facing when the link is opened.

Keeping the map up to date

Please help us keep the map up to date: if your department has changed its name or moved, let us know.

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